Individual Information Security Case

Individual Information Security Case

This case is used when an information attack or war is underway, the development of a rapid strategy and implementation of information attack protection, maintaining and whitening reputation, search for attackers online, protection plan and strategy is developed completely individually depending on the stage of the case. Creating the full range of content needed for a quick response in the media on social networks and the Internet.

All services, communication with the client are completely confidential, before the cooperation is signed a confidentiality agreement and the provision of services.

The subject of rendering of services in this package can be the Companies, brands, politicians, political parties, public figures, individuals.

The agency acts exclusively in a lawful manner, does not use bots and any prohibited methods, does not carry out attacks on competitors, and deals exclusively with legitimate information protection of the client.


Information security strategy development, competitive activities, case development, reputation consulting, long-term consulting in all areas of the agency, implementation without